Cooper Productions

Albert and his Best Mates

Albert and his Best Mates is a co-production between UK, India and Canada. At the early stages of development we are seeking finance partners to help us create a Bible, pilot and scripts.

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In association with the award-winning Balaji Productions, Cooper Productions is developing a series on the nature of pilgrimage in India. Following celebrities on their journeys of self-discovery, this colourful series grants viewers – for the first time – a vicarious sojourn into a country rich in spiritual splendor and heritage.

Documentaries : The Pilgrim

Co-produced by Cooper Productions and Bedlam Productions (Academy Award Winner 2010: The King’s Speech), The Pilgrim documents a pilgrimage made by a believer and a skeptic to Mount Kailas, Tibet – one of Earth’s most remote and sacred sites. Available on Amazon, as well as Gaiam TV, it showcases a journey that goes beyond its magical destination and into a deep exploration on the nature of the self.

Documentaries : India and Beyond

After working with Xingu Films, Jonquil Cooper took the brave initiative to document a pilgrimage in India, for a series about sacred sites.

Filmed in 2001 and travelling alone, on a shoestring, the journey was more than a film. It was an odyssey into the heart of one of the most ancient cultures on the planet. Through the kindness, openness and hospitality of strangers Jonquil gained a lot more than she bargained for.


Currently in post-production, Hope poses a question: Is there any real hope left for humanity? This compelling feature documentary follows an Austrian policeman who travels to Peru and Bolivia to learn life-changing lessons from a Shaman.